Interrupting whatever it is that’s going on in your dash to bring you an important announcement:

My dear friend Pablo just launched his new webcomic, Long Whistle! 

He’s poured a lot of effort into it and we’re both very excited about it, so we’d really appreciate it if you could take a look at it and maybe reblog this too to spread the word ;u;

You can read it here in English and Spanish. So far there’s only the introduction, but he’ll update on Mondays and Fridays so chapter 1 will be up soon.

Hope you’ll like it and thanks for your attention!


Best wishes to you, Youngji ♥


you know what’s funny is that i’ve always been more obsessed with female celebrities for some reason and i used to think that was bc i saw them as role models and wanted to emulate them or whatever

but it turns out i’m just really hella into girls

selfie game weak


Do yourself a favor and listen to Jenissi’s mixtape yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!